What you need to know about CO2 Extraction

When Disaster Strikes
When Disaster Strikes
July 27, 2018
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January 9, 2019
CO2 Extraction

CO2 Extraction

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extracts are made by passing liquid or supercritical CO2 through cannabis tissues at high pressure, then reducing the pressure to separate the extract from the CO2. It’s also become one of the most popular new ways to extract pure, high-CBD cannabis oil from the cannabis plant. Both subcritical and supercritical methods have become beloved by the medical and recreational cannabis industries – and the people who buy from them.

CO2 extraction can be fine-tuned to get the best possible finished product. Depending on the specific temperature, pressure, and duration of each extraction run, the resulting extract can vary in colour, viscosity, and content of cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, and lipids. The extract can then be further processed depending on its consistency and the intended form of the end-product.

As a safe alternative to many hydrocarbon solvents, and boasting exceptional opportunities for tuneability, carbon dioxide has become one of the most widely used supercritical solvents in the industry.

For more information on Extraction, and how it works, visit: https://vitaliset.com/articles/supercritical-carbon-dioxide-pillars-extraction/

About Vitalis

Vitalis Extraction Technology Inc.© (Vitalis) is a privately-owned, Kelowna-based engineering and manufacturing company, producing the highest-flowing industrial supercritical CO2 extraction system for the cannabis industry. The company’s core focus on innovation and design has vaulted it to the forefront of the market. Renowned for their reliability, scalability, and continuous operation, Vitalis systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME and CSA Standards for Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code. The vessels are stamped with a CRN and NB registration number confirming that the vessels meet code and have been examined by an Authorized Inspector. With systems on three continents, Vitalis has the most deployments of industrial CO2 supercritical extractors into the cannabis industry. Vitalis was recently voted Top Extraction Equipment at the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards. For more information, visit their website at www.vitaliset.com.

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