Standard Processing Licence

Standard Processing Licence

A standard processing licence is directed toward applicants who want to manufacture and sell cannabis products. This licence class gives the holder the authorized ability to possess cannabis, produce cannabis via synthesis and other means (excluding cultivation, propagation and harvesting of cannabis), to sell cannabis and offer to produce cannabis via synthesis and other aforementioned means.

The standard processor has the capability to sell and distribute cannabis and cannabis products to an assortment of inter-industrial authorized licence holders. Cannabis and post-processed cannabis are directed to other processors, researchers, testers, other regulatory bodies and other authorized individuals. Fresh and dried cannabis, cannabis plant seeds and cannabis plants are sold and distributed to other cultivators (except a holder of a nursery licence is subjected to cannabis plants and cannabis plant seeds).

A licensed standard processor has the ability to:
(1) create employment opportunities to job seekers with a scientific background;
(2) tie into other licence classes on the same site, giving the holder flexibility in the competitive market1;
(3) create market influence and reputation for the upcoming amendments to the Cannabis Regulations for edibles;
(4) produce and supply a wide variety of cannabis products to the medical and recreational market.2

1 Note: Health Canada places constraints on the types of licence classes that can be applied for on a single site.
2 Note: Requires the standard cultivator to have a sales licence in order to sell and distribute accordingly .

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