We are Canada's Cannabis Consultants. Together... we grow.

The path leading to obtaining a licence under the Cannabis Act begins with the dedicated team of experts at PipeDreemz Inc.
Nationwide, we guide clients through the complex process that leads toward obtaining a licence.

If you're experiencing problems or issues, or would just like some guidance in preparing your application, speak with the experts at PipeDreemz Inc. and get your application completed correctly the first time. We shave months off the process and "weed you through the process" using the right content that has been proven time-and-time again to get the job done.

Comprehensive Services

PipeDreemz Inc. offers a wide range of services. If you're having any problems or issues with respect to the licensing process, speak with the experts at PipeDreemz Inc. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. Some of our services include:

Application Preparation & Submission

Have your application completed correctly the first time. We can prepare a complete application (or parts thereof) and shave months off the process using the right content that has been proven time-and-time again to get the job done. You may also require assistance in responding to letters from Health Canada regarding a submitted application. Click here to download our Guide to Success in the Cannabis Industry, which outlines all the different licence requirements you need to know.

Gap Analysis

We are available to review your application and fill any gaps that require additional information and/or clarification.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP & EU GMP)

PipeDreemz Inc. has GMP specialists currently consulting with Canadian cannabis companies and are available to assist you in achieving GMP or EU-GMP compliance for your company. Our professionals take great care in staying informed of current GMP practices and of the rapid regulatory changes related to the cannabis industry.

Talent Acquisition & Training

Hiring people with the required qualifications and potential for security clearance is essential. Let us help procure talent for you or review your personnel options for suitability. We can also provide training for personnel in this new industry.

Site Selection

Selection of a site to develop your facility must comply with restrictions on surrounding landholdings.

Facility Design & Planning

  • Preparation of facility plans and drawings
  • Detailed Budget, including Hydro Requirements & Costs
  • General Contractor Oversight & Equipment Supplier Agreements
  • Facility Build-Outs


  • Grow Room Design & Garden Consulting
  • Laboratory Equipment procurement
  • Planning, procurement and oversight for Systems Installation including HVAC, Electrical and Fertigation

Technology & Security Planning & Review

Ensuring appropriate security systems are in place is essential and requires appropriate technology and procedures for monitoring your site as well as personnel and visitor access restrictions.

Pre-Inspection Services

Be sure all bases have been covered prior to Health Canada Inspections through a pre-inspection of your site, procedures and personnel.

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