Cannabis Consultants

At PipeDreemz Inc., our consultants have the right mix of knowledge and support plus complete consulting, management, cultivation and advisory solutions to develop and maintain your cannabis business in accordance with the Cannabis Act. We can provide the skills and expertise to interpret the new regulations and help develop a comprehensive plan to acquire a commercial production licence from Health Canada to produce and sell cannabis.

Featuring More Than 8 Years of Experience in the Cannabis Market & 25 Years Dealing with Government Regulatory Agencies.

Our Goal

At PipeDreemz Inc., it is the goal of our team of experienced and knowledgeable experts to assist you through the process of acquiring a licence under the ACMPR from your initial application through site selection, facility design and construction to operational requirements. Our team can address any problems that are delaying your current application at any, or all stages in order to significantly speed up the process. 

PipeDreemz Inc. holds the greatest number of applications that have been accepted by Health Canada. Our large client base provides us with insight into current and upcoming changes to regulatory requirements allowing for a proactive approach in managing any issues or concerns regarding your application. Our extensive experience and knowledge within the industry allow us to make recommendations at all phases of the licensing process as well as oversee any changes or modifications necessary to comply with the ACMPR while maximizing production and reducing cost. The team of experts at PipeDreemz Inc. is dedicated to serving your needs each and every day.


To ensure compliance with the ACMPR, our expert team is available to assist at all stages in the development, design, construction and operational needs of your cannabis production facility. The choice of an appropriate site and facility design are integral to meeting security requirements. Attention to construction details including use of appropriate materials and integrated systems also serve to maximize production and reduce cost. Currently, PipeDreemz Inc. has facilities under construction valued at over 150 million dollars in 5 provinces. What can we design and build for you?


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