Micro-Cultivation Licence

Micro-Cultivation Licence

Micro-cultivators can be seen as mini standard cultivators. Holding a micro-cultivation licence allows for the capability to perform all authorized activities specified by the licence, under the same regimen as a standard cultivator. Although, a micro-cultivation licence comes with a single constraint.

Micro-cultivation has a threshold under which harvestable classes of cannabis may be produced, namely ≤ 200 m2 (≤ 2,152 ft2) of canopy, including any surface area which consists of multiple surfaces (i.e., racking). Though this constraint limits the potential for growth and flexibility within the industry.

A licensed micro-cultivator has the ability to
(1) create a small family business;
(2) build a facility on a small plot of land;
(3) be operable with a decreased utility load;
(4) get small players into the market who wish to become a part of the market;
(5) benefit from decreased security requirements;
(6) bring in cannabis plants and cannabis plant seeds into the operation that have not been attained under the former or upcoming regulations;
(7) be able to tie into other licence classes on the same site, giving the holder flexibility, among other cultivators of this class, in the competitive market.1

1 Note: Health Canada places constraints on the types of licence classes that can be applied for on a single site.

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