Application to Become a Licensed Producer: 12 Most Common Questions

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August 3, 2017
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September 5, 2017

Application to Become a Licensed Producer: 12 Most Common Questions

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As medical cannabis is becoming widely known and opening doors to business opportunities in the market many people are looking to establish a license to produce. You may also be one of those people who are seeking for a place in this growing market. But are you wondering how the application process to become a Licensed Producer (LP) works? As a matter of fact, do you have a lot of questions not only about the application to become a LP but also the requirements for an authorized LP? Here are the 12 most common questions (and answers) about the application process that will help you move in the right direction to becoming a LP and what you need to do as a LP:

  1. Where can I obtain the application form to become a licensed producer for medical cannabis?

To obtain an application form, you need to e-mail: You also need to fill out and submit the following forms: Security Clearance Application Form and Security Clearance Fingerprint Third Party Consent to Release Personal Information Form. You can obtain these forms on Health Canada’s website (for the security clearance application form – and for the security clearance fingerprint form –

  1. What are the requirements to become a licensed producer?

To become a licensed producer, you must meet all requirements under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), including but not limited to:

  • submitting a completed licensed producer application (You must complete all relevant sections of the application form and submit all required documents. If your application is incomplete it will not be processed and will be returned back to you.);
  • obtaining the proper personnel security clearances; and
  • meeting the physical security requirements for the cultivation and storage areas.

You can find out more information about the ACMPR at

  1. What are the stages of the application process?

Your submitted application will undergo a strict and thorough review that includes the following stages of the application process:

  • Intake and Initial Screening
  • Detailed Review and Initiation of Security Clearance Process
  • Issuance of Licence to Produce
  • Introductory Inspection (as cultivation begins)
  • Pre-Sales Inspection
  • Issuance of Licence to Sell

If Health Canada receives new information that may affect your submitted application at the Detailed Review and Security Clearance stage, you may be sent back to the Intake and Initial Screening stage. Your application may also be refused at any stage in the process, before a licence is issued. For this reason, it is important to understand the application process and the requirements under the ACMPR.

For further information about the stages of the application process, please refer to our article “How PipeDreemz Inc. ACMPR Consultants Assist Applicants in Becoming a Licensed Producer” (

  1. What activities are permitted under my licence?

You may only conduct the activities indicated on your licence. Your licence obtained under the ACMPR will specify the activities you are authorized to conduct at the site. Authorized activities can include production, sale or provision, possession, packaging and transportation.

Your licence will also indicate:

  • substances that are authorized;
  • maximum quantities of cannabis that may be produced, sold or provided;
  • maximum cannabis inventory at any given time;
  • security level of the site;
  • effective date and expiry date of the licence and
  • depending on your case, specific conditions may also be listed on your licence.
  1. What document(s) do I need as a licensed producer to register a client?

As a licensed producer, when registering and renewing clients you must ensure:

  • an original medical document has been submitted as part of the application for registration;
  • the accuracy of the information in the medical document by verifying the information contained on the document with the supporting healthcare practitioner  each time a medical document is received; and
  • the documentation of these verifications as part of your record keeping obligations.

You may also require clients to provide additional supporting documentation.

  1. Is there a restriction on how much I can charge patients for dried marijuana?

No, as a licensed producer you set your own prices.

  1. What forms of cannabis can I produce and sell under the ACMPR?

Under the ACMPR, you can produce and sell alternative forms of cannabis other than dried marijuana including cannabis oil, fresh marijuana buds, seeds and plants as well as allowing authorized users to possess and alter different forms of cannabis.

  1. Can a production site be located outdoors?

No, production sites can only be located indoors.

  1. Can I operate a storefront?

No, you cannot operate a storefront. You are only authorized to produce and/or sell medical cannabis to authorized patients with a medical document by their health care practitioner or their designate with documentation issued by a Canadian police force of no prior drug offences within the previous 10 years.

  1. Do municipal zoning by-laws apply to my production site?

As a licensed producer, you must comply with all federal, provincial/territorial and municipal laws and by-laws, including municipal zoning by-laws. You are required to notify your local government, local police force, and local fire officials of your intention to apply to Health Canada, so that local authorities are aware of your proposed location and activities. You are also required to communicate with local authorities whenever there is a change in the status of your licence.

  1. When do I need to renew my licence?

As a licensed producer, you should apply to renew your licence a minimum of three months before the licence is set to expire. You cannot conduct activities involving cannabis without a valid licence.

  1. Where can I find out more information about cannabis regulations for licensed producers?

You can find out more information about cannabis regulations for licensed producers at  You can also contact a health canada acmpr application consultant at PipeDreemz Inc. We are available to answer any questions you have about the application process and the requirements under the ACMPR.

Whether you are applying to become a licensed producer, are currently an authorized LP or simply researching about the regulations of medical cannabis for LP’s, hopefully this information brings you a step closer to understand the set regulations and requirements for licensed producers for medical cannabis. At PipeDreemz Inc. we will strive to assist you at all phases of the licensing process. Contact us today!


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