Analytical Testing Licence

Analytical Testing Licence

In order to produce cannabis for medical or recreational use, extensive chemical and microbiological analyses are needed to comply with good production practices and testing is required to substantiate its concentration and strength. This class of licence allows the holder the authorization to possess cannabis, obtain cannabis via chemical or physical alteration and offer to alter cannabis. Constraints applied to this licence class are solely attributed to the destruction of samples, within 90 days after completion of testing and 120 days if testing has not been performed.

A licensed analytical tester is authorized to (but is not limited to),

  • test for a wide variety of extraneous materials unfit for human consumption;
  • alert the provider of the cannabis products of noncompliance with pharmacopoeia standards;
  • be able to tie into all other licence classes on the same site, giving the holder flexibility among other testers of this class in the competitive market1;
  • test for cannabinoid content;
  • directed at job seekers with a higher level of scientific background.

1 Note: Health Canada places constraints on the types of licence classes that can be applied for on a single site.

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