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Health Canada Numbers

Georges E.R. | grouthier@storm.ca

Marihauna for Medical Purposes Regulation Consultant, ACMPR, Pipedreemz Inc., RPIC and Master Grower, CCMed., Top Contributor to LinkedIn

As of Nov. 31, 2014, since the ACMPR legislation came into effect in June 2013.

The number of applications submitted: 1,161

Of those applications, 301 are in progress.

224 were refused.

Avid Growing Systems Joint Venture with Benchmark Labs

Patrick G.
CEO Avid Growing Systems/CannaCure Corp.

Hello everyone,

We're very excited here at Avid Growing systems about a new joint venture with Benchmark Labs.

We've coupled our turn key MJ growing system with Benchmark's ERP software and services

ACMPR Industry Night ~ Tuesday February 10, Richmond B.C.

Damian K.
Happy New Year.

Organizing an Industry Night Tuesday, Feb 10 for ACMPR professionals (invited are: LP's, applicants, investors, security & QA consultants, industry association, suppliers, local RCMP, ) in Richmond, B.C.

Health Canada Refines the ACMPR Application Process

David Brown, Lift magazine January 12, 2015. The current pace of Health Canada's licensing Much speculation has surrounded the apparent 'lag' in approvals from Health Canada for the better part of last year. After a relative flurry of approvals in late 2013 and early 2014 leading up to the Allard Injunction, Health Canada handed out 13 ' different license to producers perfectly spaced across Canada and then suddenly appeared to stop for over 7 months.

While this may have left the more compulsive page-refreshers among us a little disappointed, this didn't mean the regulatory agency wasn't still inspecting and approving. To the contrary, ...
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